Particle-In-Cell Scalable Application Resource


Everyone can freely contribute to improve the PICSAR code. Please, read carefully the guidelines below when editing Fortran Files and contributing to the PICSAR repository. Respecting these guidelines ensures better readability of the code by reviewers and future developers. Below, Fortran blocks refer to portions of the code delimited by opening and closing statements. This includes control statements (IF/ELSE/END IF, DO/END DO, DO WHILE/END DO WHILE etc.) and Fortran constructs (MODULE/END MODULE, TYPE/END TYPE, SUBROUTINE/END SUBROUTINE, FUNCTION/END FUNCTION etc.)


  • Indentation width of Fortran blocks has to be 2 white spaces (you can set this in your code editor), The parser in utils/fortran_parsers/indent_file.py can be used to automatically fixed this.
  • Fortran intrinsics and key words have to be written in UPPER CASE (e.g INTEGER, REAL, SUBROUTINE, END, FUNCTION etc.). All other variables and custom names must be written in lower case,
  • When creating a fortran block of type BLOCKTYPE* (e.g BLOCKTYPE can be MODULE, SUBROUTINE etc.) and name blockname**, always end the block using “END BLOCKTYPE blockname” for readability,
  • When using commas, always insert a space after the comma
  • Lines cannot exceed 85 characters and ampersand continuation symbol should be added at column 86 when continuing a line. The parser in utils/fortran_parsers/justify_file.pycan be used to automatically fixed this.
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